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An innovativ model


  • To take great care of your model, to provide accurate adjustments
  • To operate in accordance with your frame of success


  • To make progress according to your availability and your objectives
  • To involve the resources when needed


  • To align the organization and the tools with the objectives
  • To make the Teams committed and involved

The founding of IXANOV Consulting is based on:

  • The commitment to support the Leaders and their teams
  • A Vision of the “Company as a system” and the Changes
  • An Innovative Model: creating value; flexible; human

IXANOV Consulting is dedicated to address their needs by providing:

  • Methods and tools
  • Backgrounds and know how
  • Workforce and enthusiasm

We have built a talented and seasoned team

The team

Founding CEO IXANOV Consulting
Business development and Contract Manager

Edilbert LEROY
Associated Consultant IXANOV Consulting, Food and Nutrition BU
Business development and Contract Manager

Black belt certifed coach
Life sciences expert

The background of the Business and the stakes:

  • Leaders to support Leaders.
  • More than 20 years in our own ecosystem (players, market trends, regulation)
  • Reaching ambitious objectives, in growing small /midsized companies or in innovative global companies

The competences and talents:

  • Able to understand needs: listening, analysis, suggestion, innovation recommendation
  • Able to organize and drive an agile and efficient team
  • Able to support you along your whole process of change until the completion of all objectives

The involvement

We are involved in our community and the society. We are proud to be a supporting partner of the PJU Club, where all generations meet around the strong values and the practice of Judo.

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